smooth roots rock 'n' blues with a powerful kick 

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Mark launches new website

Welcome to Mark’s new website. We wanted to make sure you all knew about his upcoming shows and had a chance to see what’s new, so we’ll be posting news and notes here in the weeks to come (and beyond!) One thing you sure want to stay tuned for is, yes, Mark’s new album release.


Sure Is A Pretty Name

“A top-down, full throttle romp,” says CBC. “From the infectious, jangly roots-pop anthem The Way to the playful lascivious title track, Mark’s latest album, Sure is a Pretty Name, is a top-down, full throttle romp through twelve songs of hope, heartache, and gutsy good humour. His third solo record, this clearly his most mature, and


Takes Awhile to Get Like This

On the road to a gig one day, Mark caught sight of an old barn that had seen better days – weathered, worse for wear – leaning to one side, but still there. “It reminded me of a lot of people I know and how life take its toll, and they still keep standing. When