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Takes Awhile to Get Like This

May 9, 2013

Mark Reeves, Takes Awhile to Get Like ThisOn the road to a gig one day, Mark caught sight of an old barn that had seen better days – weathered, worse for wear – leaning to one side, but still there. “It reminded me of a lot of people I know and how life take its toll, and they still keep standing. When I looked at that old red barn and thought of those people, I just kept thinking that it takes awhile to get like this.” The album, Reeves says, “has all the elements of pop and blues that I’ve been growing towards since the last album.”

Mark Reeves – Angelina Angelina

Mark Reeves – Takes A While to Get Like This Takes Awhile to Get Like This

Mark Reeves – Pillowcase Pillowcase

Do You Know
Broken Me
Can You Hear Me Now (the stalker song)
There’s a Change
Carry These Blues
Leon’s Lounge
Need to Know

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